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 Tannery Accessories                                            
img648 - RIZZI PRN 1800
Cheap Machines
Rizzi PRN 1800 through feed sammying for wet blue, complete but needs to be revised.
Sold in "As Is" condition.
img629 - MOSTARDINI 1800
Cheap Machines
Mostardini continuous press 1800mm, 4 cylinders + one extra. Sold in "As Is" condition.
img625 - SVIT MOLISSA 2200
Cheap Machines
Svit Molissa 2200 staking with 2 automatic heads, sold in "As Is" condition. Can also be sold as reconditioned.
img596 - POLVARA SATILUX 1600
Cheap Machines
Polvara Satilux 1600 mm finishing with heated cylinder, sold in "As Is" condition.
img593 - RIZZI RL6 -1000
Cheap Machines
Rizzi RL6 shaving 1000 mm 12+12 blades. Sold in "As Is" condition. . Can also be sold as fully reconditioned.
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