Our story

We sell second hand tannery machines and equipment all over the world offering new and used tannery machines at the best price. If the second hand tannery machines you are looking for is not on our website please contact us and we can find in short time. Since 2009 we are growing to become the first trading company for second hand tannery machines and equipments. Tannery Trade work hard for offer you the best used tannery machines. In our history of second hand tannery machines sellers all over the world, all our customers have always been satisfied with our work. Tannery trade is the best company in the world for used tannery machines.

We are team of specialists

As we sell mostly second hand tannery machines, if you need the used tannery machine to be reconditioned we can arrange that for you. We do not do that by ourselves, but for every brand or model we go directly to the specialised companies. In that way you can be sure that all replaced parts of the second hand tannery machines will be original parts and that your precious used tannery machine is in the hands of real specialist. You will receive a written statement of guarantee for the second hand tannery machines. Of course we can arrange a partial reconditioning or just repair broken or worn out parts of used tannery machines.

Where we worked with our clients for second hand tannery machines

The best second hand tannery machines

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