1 – The billboard is open to all those who want to sell or are looking for products related to the tannery: machines for leather, accessories for tannery and leather processing, chemical products.

2 – As a guarantee for the customer who purchases the item, and the supplier who sells and buys, payments will go through Tannery Trade srl, which will pay the supplier once it has been ascertained the actual load of the machinery through the video.

3 – The advertisements are always published under the sole responsibility of the user, who at the time of inserting the advertisement declares to know and accept the rules listed, and Tannery Trade cannot be held responsible in any way for what is published by users and for their conduct. The copyright of the images remains with the user.

4 – We reserve the right to: 

a) – decide at any time the actions to be taken in the event of announcements that are not relevant to the world of the tannery, and change the title of the ads to make the content of the ad more understandable.

b) – not to publish an advertisement or to delete it, if the content of the advertisement violates the general conditions of use of the service.

5 – The advertisements are unlimited but at any time and at its sole discretion, Tannery Trade srl may limit the number of advertisements that can be published by a single person or company.

6 – Individuals and companies can place ads in any category, we reserve the right to verify user information when posting an advertisement.

7 – Each ad must be related to a single product or well identified. You can only post ads for products in stock if they are sold in bulk at a single price, otherwise you need to create multiple ads.

8 – The text of the announcements must be detailed and related to the subject of the announcement. It is not allowed to insert generic phrases not referring to the product for sale.

9 – Tannery Trade reserves as a percentage: 3% on leathers, 7% on tannery machines and accessories, 3% on chemical products.

10 – Payments will be made directly by bank transfer, once payment has been received from the buyer and the goods have been loaded by the seller.

11 – Tannery Trade is not responsible for any damage during the transport.

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